Drive Clean Texas


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Although your students are not driving yet, it is important for them to recognize how their family's decisions about transportation can impact the air and air quality. These lessons enhance existing curriculum while teaching students how their actions affect the world around them.

Topic 1 What is Air Pollution?

This set of lessons begins with a matching exercise and includes a small group presentation component that teaches students about how air pollution affects our health.

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Topic 2 Our Choices About Transportation

Get your students thinking about how their and their family's choices about transportation impact the environment. Students will learn more about how to get around clean and green.

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Topic 3 Fuels and Efficiencies

Familiarize your students with vehicle-related pollutants and help them understand the differences in pollution generated by various types of fuels. There are two lessons available, including one that asks students to work their way through our Drive Clean Texas game.

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