Drive Clean Texas


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Your students are becoming more responsible for their own transportation and learning to recognize the link between their actions and the world around them. These flexible lessons enhance existing curriculum and build academic proficiency while teaching students about the impact that cars and emissions have on the environment.

Topic 1 How Do Cars Contribute to Air Pollution?

Three hands-on lessons introduce students to critical concepts about automobile emissions and air pollution. Lessons include a crossword puzzle, "pounds of pollution" exercise, and online scavenger hunt. Each lesson takes 30 minutes or less.

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Topic 2 Transportation, Air Pollution, and Health Consequences

Small group discussions and presentations get students thinking about the relationship between transportation, public safety, and environmental health. Discussions can be conducted in class with research occurring during class time or as homework.

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Topic 3 Cars of Today

Explore the past, present, and future of cars by having your students research car culture, driving costs, and local attitudes about transportation. Lessons include a variety of class discussions, individual and group activities, plus an option for a long-term research project.

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Topic 4 Alternative Fuels and Energy

Look ahead to discover how alternative fuels and vehicles may change our transportation system. This lesson incorporates reading, class discussion, research, and presentations about costs and benefits of new fuels and technologies.

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