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Topic 2 - Transportation, Air Pollution and Health Consequences

These lessons discuss and explain how vehicles contribute to air pollution and associated health consequences. The lessons include both group and individual student activities.

Subjects Addressed

English, Language Arts and Reading; Integrated Physics and Chemistry; Biology; Environmental Systems; Chemistry; Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography; and Social Studies

Lesson 1 Vehicle-Related Emissions

Activity Type:

Small group activity – research and class presentations

Suggested Time:

Approximately 1 hour

Student Objectives:
  • Understand the impact of vehicle-related emissions on humans and environmental health.

Download Lesson (PDF, 43KB)

Download Student Worksheet (PDF, 55KB)

Download Answer Key (PDF, 50KB)

Lesson 2 Health, Pollution, and Safety in Texas Communities

Activity Type:

Small group research and class discussion

Suggested Time:

Approximately 1 hour of class time; may be assigned as homework

Student Objectives:
  • Understand the impact of our current transportation system on public safety and on the human and environmental health of Texas communities.

Download Lesson (PDF, 47KB)

Download Student Worksheet (PDF, 71KB)

Download Answer Key (PDF, 73KB)